A Message To My Fellow Democrats — Wake the Fuck Up!!!

Over the past few days, numerous articles have appeared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets, “warning” us about the perils of supporting Elizabeth Warren for President. These articles attempted to “taint” Senator Warren, by utilizing some of the same misogynistic language employed against Secretary Clinton in the 2016 campaign. Naturally, this led the Liar-In-Chief, to join in, reiterating his earlier, oh so clever, “Pocahontas” taunts of Senator Warren.

Given Senator Warren’s progressive cred, not only as a second term senator from Massachusetts willing to take on those who would destroy the American middle class, but as the driving force behind the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was created to shield consumers from shady practices by mortgage lenders, student loan servicers, and credit card companies, permanently earning Warren the enmity of Republicans in both houses of Congress, this is somewhat insane. Even so, some of these articles have attempted to paint Senator Warren as, either a tool of the DNC (surely you jest), or, in an attempt to stir conflict between Sanders and Warren supporters, they refer to her as “Bernie Lite.”

But here’s where my brain began to explode. Minutes after these stories began to appear, Democrats began reposting and retweeting this bullshit propaganda, leading to even more negativity toward someone who should be considered a progressive hero. Forget the fact there is no basis in reality for any of this bullshit. All you have to do, it seems, is throw a little shit to Democrats, call it red meat, and watch them crawl over each other to snatch it up like a pack of voracious wolves. Democrats, it would appear, have a difficult time learning from the past.

At the same time, we know the only reason Agolf Twitler (yes, I still refuse to utter or even type the name appearing on the scumbag’s birth certificate) resides in the White House is due to a combination of Republican dirty tricks — including massive voter suppression — with an assist from their buddy in the Kremlin. No matter — we’re Democrats, so we prefer to blame the past two years on Sanders supporters, the vast majority of whom, we’re told, either sat out the election entirely, or voted for Jill Stein (full disclosure: I was a Sanders supporter during the 2016 primaries, who had no problem voting for Secretary Clinton in the generals. I’m a native New Yorker and all too familiar with the walking Cheeto, so I knew what was at stake. I don’t think I’m in the minority of Sanders supporters, most of whom, I believe, did the same).

The fact Hillary Clinton won the election by almost 3,000,000 votes, losing only because of the unbelievably outdated Electoral College — which allowed 80,000 questionable votes, from three Republican-controlled states — to place a criminal and traitor in the Oval Office, doesn’t fit the narrative that allows us to eat our own, so we, being Democrats, ignore that minor trivial bit of reality. This, even though we all know the voter suppression tactics, as well as Russian interference, were still alive, well and active into the 2018 election.

Why then, has it not occurred to those among the Democratic faithful, that Russian bots and Republican dirty tricksters are, more than likely, behind this early campaign to smear and delegitimize one of the most proven, progressive voices we’ve got? Instead what we see is our own people giving voice and validity to this bullshit, proving, yet again, Democrats are as gullible, and easily swayed, as the worst of Twitler’s sheeple.

Does it have something to do with the dichotomies within our own rank and file? Or, maybe, it’s that we fall in love with candidates, becoming so enamored, we have to believe in their flawless perfection, while seeing (and, all too often, magnifying) every flaw in the other candidates. So much so, we sit, pout and rail at the universe if our candidates name isn’t on the ballot in the general election. We see all too clearly when lower and middle-class Republicans vote against their own self-interest — not so much when it’s us.

Yesterday, former Virginia Governor, and  old, rich, white guy, Terry McAuliffe, wrote an op-ed, published in the Washington Post, in which he criticized some of the more progressive Democratic hopefuls (including Senators Warren and Sanders) for offering “unrealistic ideological promises,” like a $15 minimum wage, federal jobs guarantee, universal free college and downplaying the reality of the U.S. being able to afford universal health care.

On the plus side, McAuliffe’s arrogant comments may have done us a favor by killing his own presidential aspirations, before he even announces. What the overly self-entitled ex-Governor views as “realistic” is a continuation of policies that have put this country exactly where we are now, with a system that benefits the ultra-rich, as well as multi-national corporations, to the detriment of the rest of us, including the implosion of the American middle class. It also demonstrates there are still people in the hierarchy of the Democratic party to whom “reality” means, don’t fuck with the status quo — we like things the way they are.

His stated disdain for Twitler notwithstanding, the truth is, McAuliffe would rather see a foreign agent in the White House, as opposed to a liberal/progressive Democrat, who might actually work to alter the status quo. A Warren, Sanders, Harris, Brown (etc.) led White House, would leave a prick like McAuliffe, holding his own in his hands (where, in my less than humble opinion, it belongs).

But, c’mon kids! Forget all that! Let’s buy into all the crap being pushed. Let’s help get those bots and propaganda pieces reposted and retweeted. Better yet, why not add a few insults of our own. And while we’re at it, let’s help the Republicans continue to control the narrative and messaging — as Democrats have allowed them to do so well, for years. Let’s get that famous Democratic in-fighting going full steam, and then, in November 2020, we can all sit here, blaming each other (again), while the next Republican/Fascist gets ready to take this country even further back into the Dark Ages.

That’ll show ‘em!

Democrats, Beware the DNC!

Please sign petitions demanding the DNC allow the Sanders campaign access to Democratic Voter Lists at the following links:

Left Action

Democracy for America


Okay, I’m pissed. I don’t mean a little bit put off, or somewhat annoyed. I am head of steam, slam shit against the wall, pissed off!

I woke up this morning to find an email from my brother Richard (who is also pissed off). The email contained a link to an article in today’s Washington Post, entitled, DNC Penalizes Sanders Campaign for Improper Access of Clinton Voter Data.

The article goes on to explain that four Sanders staffers, viewed proprietary Clinton campaign data they shouldn’t have been able to access. The Sanders staffer in charge was fired for this breach.

What is most pertinent, however — at least as far as I’m concerned is — the Sanders staffers did not go searching for this information, or hack into it.

The DNC maintains a master list of likely Democratic voters (with proprietary information about each individual campaign), which the DNC then rents to individual state and national campaigns. This list is managed by an outside vendor, NGP VAN, which somehow made a boo boo, allowing the Sanders staffers to view proprietary Clinton information they shouldn’t have been able to access.

To punish the Sanders campaign, the DNC immediately shut off the Sanders campaign access to the likely voters list, a move that could have disastrous effects on the Senator’s campaign — if you don’t know who your voters are, you can’t contact or communicate with them.

Interestingly, while the DNC decided to punish the Sanders campaign, what it did not do, is fire the company responsible for allowing the Sanders campaign to see this information. Not only that, it seems this is not the first time NGP VAN’s software has screwed up, allowing one campaign to see another’s proprietary information.

Now call me cynical, but the DNC is Chaired by Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a long-time Clinton supporter, Co-Chair of her 2008 campaign (and the individual single-handedly responsible for the decision to limit the number of Democratic Presidential debates, not to mention scheduling of them at times fewer people will watch them — Friday and Saturday evenings, the weekend before Christmas, etc.). The DNC, run by a cabal of long-time Clinton supporters, has made it very clear to anyone looking, Hillary is their anointed nominee. As far as they’re concerned, Bernie Sanders is a nuisance, and they are doing everything they can to suppress his campaign.

And isn’t it funny how, only when something like this happens, does the Sanders campaign finally receive the headline national coverage it has been denied to date.

I may believe in miracles — I don’t believe in coincidences.

Up until now, it’s fascinating how the media has done a superb job of ignoring the campaign of the Number Two Democratic contender, a man with higher numbers than Donald Trump, who received 81 times the coverage of Sanders on the ABC television network (this, despite polls showing Sanders beating Trump handily).  And I do not buy the “oopsie” on the part of CBS News, who somehow managed to display a graph reversing Harvard poll numbers that, had they been displayed correctly, would have shown Sanders leading Clinton among Millennial Democratic voters.

As Goldfinger said to James Bond: Once is happenstance; twice is coincidence; the third time is enemy action!

There is not one shred of doubt in my mind, the Clinton campaign is getting nervous about Sanders popularity, especially among the Progressive wing of the party, and Independents. There is also no doubt in my mind, the DNC had NGP VAN “accidentally” leak the Clinton information to the Sanders campaign, in order to then penalize it for this supposed breach of ethics.

I am calling for all Democrats — including the fair-minded among Mrs. Clinton’s supporters — to stand up for our party and, not only demand they allow the Sanders campaign access to the information they have a right to, but allow this Primary cycle to play out fairly, and let the people decide — not a bunch of the entrenched and entitled members of our party. I am also calling for a boycott on donations to the DNC until they reverse their position.

Otherwise, the Democratic Party will demonstrate they are no different than the Republicans, and make a far stronger case of the need for a third party in this country — one that actually puts the needs and rights of the citizenry, first.