When Outrage Meets Despair, Moves Toward Anger & Settles On Rage!

So the motherfucker who molested me when I was a child, is dead.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!

The childhood friend who shared this information with me, couldn’t find out how, or where he died, just that it happened 10 years ago. Personally, my hope was, he was dropped out a 30th floor window, head first, by — I dunno — maybe the adult version of someone like, oh, say, me!

I also found out, the father of another neighborhood child — this one a girl — actually confronted the fuck’s father when he found out what happened to his daughter (I never told my parents — how could I? I’d suppressed the fucking memories). But for a while, I felt good about all this.

It doesn’t change what happened then, nor does it change the other things that have happened to me, since. But the bastard who started it all is, and has been dead for 10 years. That’s closure, right. I feel better.

No, I really don’t.

When I started writing about this last week, all the new realizations and memories, I thought, this is good, I’m purging. I’m getting all this out of my system. The only problem is, I live in a country that just put a mother fucking molester and rapist wannabe, who they all fucking knew was guilty of the crimes he’s been accused of — they all know he actually perjured himself in front of Congress. So what did these noble statesman and woman do? They put this cock-sucking, son-of-a-bitch on the goddamn Supreme Court of the United Fucking States of America!!! Not only did they put him where he has no business being, they actually started blaming the victims for putting this poor, ignorant, temperamental, over-privileged, white piece of shit, through such a traumatic hearing.

And, why? What’s the real reason behind all this? To help Republicans — many, more corrupt than the newly annointed, Supreme molester — to pass the kind of laws they want. Laws that will set this country back 50 years — if not more! Laws that feed the rich and starve the poor. Laws that strip rights away from any group who isn’t them! And let’s not forget that all-time-favorite reason (the actual reason this incompetent was nominated in the first place) — because Brett Mother-Fucking Kavanaugh, will protect his fellow molester, the orange fuck, sliming his way around the White House, with a Get Out of Jail Free card, because, you know — you can’t indict a sitting president.

That person (and I use the word “person” with the greatest of contempt), in Kavanaugh’s feeble,

Supreme Scumbag

narcissistic, partisan swamp of a mind, is ABOVE THE FUCKING LAW!!!! In a country where everyone is supposedly “equal” (what a croc that is!), let’s watch as they demonstrate just how big a pile of bullshit our system of “justice” is, by demonstrating the most vile, corrupt, contemptible, disgusting excuse for a human being to ever sit in the Oval Office, is so busy doing “the people’s work,” he can’t possibly face the same laws that every other person in this country does (at least, the ones not in orange jump suits).

So, yeah. I felt better for about 10 minutes. Now, like the millions of women, and other men like me, around the country, I feel violated all over again. And this time, it’s 100 times WORSE! Because this time, a bunch of people sitting in Congress, along with that piece of walking, talking shit in the White House, stopped any real attempt at an F.B.I. investigation, and brazenly told the American people to go fuck themselves! This country belongs to them, not us. We have to follow the rules; not them! And what did the mainstream American media do — same thing they usually do — not a goddamn, motherfucking thing! The NY Times sat on a story about Twitler’s criminal lifetime in NYC for months, released it, and then — like magic, it disappeared! Why? Because like the rest of the corporate American media, they jumped on the “hey people, go fuck yourselves!” bandwagon. Lookee here — we got us a brand new Supreme Court Justice!

So no, I’m not outraged. I’m well beyond despair. I crossed anger a few miles back, and am now living in a pure unadulterated homicidal rage! And if this rage — which I’ll be taking into the ballot box with me, later this month, or in the pieces I’ll continue to write so maybe, just maybe, SOMEONE out there may actually hear me — doesn’t have the effect I pray it will, then you can Ghandi me, or tell me how we need to be above it, or better than them, all you like.

But if you even think of uttering any of those phrases, or any other stupid fucking phrases of pacification my way, be forewarned — you’re also going to be one of the first people to see what I’ll be capable of, if this homicidal rage, burning my heart, mind and soul, grows any fucking deeper, and more intense, than it already has.

A Few Thoughts On The Aftermath of Las Vegas

I’ve been trying to figure out how to best express my feelings about what happened in Las Vegas on Sunday, and have found, I can’t. My feelings are jumbled, emotions a mess. However, I would like to say the following:

Fuck you Cheetolini, you miserable, worthless piece of shit! Fuck you Sarah Huckleberry Saddlebags, you lying moron! Go fuck yourselves Pat Robertson, Alex Jones, and every asswipe pundit on Faux News, as well as every supposed pundit or news reporter who, yet again, are bending over and taking it up the ass to express how “presidential” Cheetolini is being!

Fuck you every single member of Congress (both houses), who steadfastly refuse to do anything to stop this epidemic of mass shootings because your hands are so deeply in the pockets of the NRA and gun manufacturers, you don’t give a shit how many human lives are taken, so long as your own pockets are lined with this blood money (especially you Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Jason Chaffetz, you unmitigated scumbags!) It’s too fucking early to talk about it? ‘The issue is not guns, but mental illness — we have to deal with that,’ from the cocksucking piece of shit who helped Drumpf push through a bill overturning President Obama’s — you remember; the black guy — ban against the mentally ill being able to get guns!!!

A giant FUCK YOU to the members of the Supreme Court who have conspired to keep this shit going, by based decisions on their right wing political affiliation, rather than constitutional law. And while I’m at it, a special FUCK YOU to the NRA and gun manufacturers, whose only goal is to sell more assault weapons in order to line their own pockets, with no concern whatsoever for how they’re used.

Oh. And FUCK YOU Bilbo O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh, you fucking opportunists!

An additional fuck you to the members of the corporate news media, who are too cowardly to call this shooting exactly what it is — TERRORISM! And fuck you every single person offering their “thoughts and prayers” to the victims and their families, while participating in allowing these kind of things to continue happening. Fuck you to every asshole who’s said, “don’t politicize this,” then immediately turned around and politicized “this!” And fuck you, every other politician, pundit, so-called “religious leader,” or individual who has, or is using the Second Amendment (incorrectly) to justify this prick’s right to own 42 weapons of mass destruction, and uncountable rounds of ammunition!!! How convenient to quote a portion of the Second Amendment while leaving out the part that says, “A well regulated MILITIA, being necessary to the security of a free State.

Every single one of you scumbag motherfuckers are complicit in the murder and wounding done to every person who was shot in Las Vegas (and Sandy Hook; and Aurora, Colorado; Fort Hood, Texas, Pulse Nightclub in Orlando; Virginia Tech, and every other mass shooting in this country since the turn of the millenium). The victims of these shootings had the constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! This does NOT include having their rights ended by a bullet shot by some psychopathic terrorist making a complete mockery of the Second Amendment.

And to anybody who wants to take issue with what I’m saying, FUCK YOU!!! You post ANY COMMENTS trying to justify this in any way, your cretinous remarks won’t see the light of day, so don’t even bother. You want to challenge my thoughts, do it elsewhere!

This rant, and expression of disgust, outrage and pain, is mine! Don’t fuck with it!

Netanyahu and His Republican Stooges

NetanyahuIn what today is a rare act of actual reportage (it being the Murdoch-era), on December 29th the Wall Street Journal reported that NSA wiretaps found Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu and other officials of his government, attempted to bribe (likely succeeding) American legislators in exchange for their support in opposing President Obama’s negotiations with the Government of Iran.

For those who may have forgotten, last March a group of 47 Republican legislators, led by Senators Mitch McConnell and Tom Cotton, sent a letter to the Iranian government in an overt attempt to sabotage President Obama’s negotiations for a nuclear agreement. This was an act as traitorous as any in the recent American history.

And let’s not forget former Speaker of the House, John Boehner’s, grand invitation to Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak to a joint session of Congress.  In bringing Netanyahu into the halls of Congress — in gross defiance of protocol, and without a shred of respect for the Office of the President of the United States — both the Republicans and Netanyahu were flashing the proverbial finger at this country’s Commander-In-Chief.

Naturally, these actions were justified by Congressional Republicans on the grounds that, as we all know, the Iranian government is made up of insane Islamic fanatics who despise the West, hate our freedoms, and would like to destroy our ‘way of life’ (whatever the hell that means).

For Bibi Netanyahu, insulting President Obama is an added bonus — like a Crackerjacks prize — with the purchase of cooperation from the Republican Congress for his anti-Iran policy. And thanks to the Supreme Court and its sorrowful Citizens United decision (the gift to opponents of democracy that keeps on giving), Congress, especially its Republican members, proves itself more for sale than ever.

Acknowledging the government of Iran does contain its share of belligerent religious zealots and fanatics, it should not be forgotten that the U.S.— with glass-house inmates like Chuck Grassley, Bill Johnson, and David McKinley — just to name a few serving Congressmen with loose screws, is in no position to throw stones.

Just as the citizens of America are better than their government, so are the people of Iran. There are many intelligent, educated Iranians who embrace Western cultural and political values. Though it may not be good for the business of war, doesn’t it behoove us to deal with the Iranian government reasonably, without the constant threat of war or economic sanctions, while fostering the peaceful infiltration of Western culture and news.

We must never forget it was the CIA’s orchestration of the coup d’etât overthrowing the democratic government of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953, and the American government’s subsequent support for the tyrannical regime of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran, which bred resentment among Iranians towards the U.S. in the first place. That action, on the part of our government, is what allowed the fanatics to take over. America’s support for cooperative foreign dictators, notwithstanding the welfare or will of the citizens of those countries, has wreaked havoc throughout the world. And this is facilitated by the convenient American escape mechanism of adopting amnesia about our government’s reckless interventionism.

Bibi Netanyahu is a genocidal, war-mongering scumbag, properly reviled by many current and former members of the Israeli Parliament, military, and intelligence community. The members of the American Congress he bribed are traitors to this nation and, if there was justice, would be held accountable for their crimes. Anyone who doesn’t get that, no matter what their political persuasion, is either (check one):

  • an ostrich choosing the ephemeral bliss of ignorance
  • a vampire making money from the military-industrial complex, or
  • a fanatic to whom truth and justice are such abstractions, they have no place in the equation

Finally, here is the $64 question we keep coming back to, and which every one of us should consistently be asking: why is the vast majority of the American media remaining virtually silent about this entire criminal conspiracy?